Logan Emtek Tubular Entrance Sand Cast Bronze


Can be ordered with any Sand cast Bronze Knob or Lever for the inside trim
– Sold as complete set. Includes Latch and Strike Plate

– Interconnect Device available for additional charge

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Logan Emtek Tubular Entrance Sand Cast Bronze


– Standard 2-1/8″ Door Prep
– Schlage C Keyway
– Standard latch is for 2-3/8″ backset. Specify 2-3/4″ backset if required
– Handing required if Lever used on inside or if Interconnect device is specified

Logan Emtek Tubular Entrance Sand Cast Bronze

Additional Dimensions: (Part #451822)
Exterior Projection is 2 7/8”
Interior Projection Depends on Handle Style Overall Grip thickness: 1 1/16″
Clearance between door & grip: 1 1/2″ Plates thickness: 1/2″

Door Handling Guide

Allow up to 10 days for Delivery on all Emtek Orders.

Please read our terms and conditions before purchase.

If you need help You Can Contact us at 1-416-628-1297

Canada Door Supply is Located at

200 Edgeley Blvd Unit #25

Concord, Ontario


Do you have extension kits for extra thick doors?

Yes. Depending on the style of the lock and the thickness of the door, some items will have to be modified in our factory.

*Please refer to the technical specifications for further detail.

How do I remove the knob/lever?

You are not advised to remove the knob or lever. Doing so may result in denial of warranty. The knob/lever is spring-loaded to the plate and held on with washers and e-clips or snap rings.

*If you are having trouble tightening the screws near the knob, see below.

How do I tighten the screws near the knob?

Try to insert and tighten the screws by hand then use an “L” shaped screwdriver.

We recommend protecting the knob with a rag or thick plastic bag.

How come my knob/lever wiggle?

Make sure the you have tightened the setscrew on the stem of the knob/lever. The setscrew does not hold the knob/lever onto the trim plate, but it does tighten the knob/lever onto the spindle.

What if my bores are too big? (Diameter larger than 2 1/8″)

It might be time to purchase a new door.

Do dummy handle sets require boring?

Yes. The dummy handle still has the bell housing on it, and the deadbolt still requires through-bore mounting. It is the same prep as the active, but no edge prep is necessary.

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Cylinder Type

Single Cylinder "Standard", Double Cylinder, Dummy "Non Active"

Door Thickness

1 3/4" "Standard", 2 1/4" "Thick Door"


2 3/8" 60 mm "Standard", 2 3/4" 70 mm


Flat Black Bronze (FB), Medium Bronze (MB), Tumbled White Bronze (TWB)

Lever / Knob

Aurora Lever (AR), Bryce Lever (BR), Cimarron Lever (CR), Cody Lever (CD), Durango Lever (D), Lariat Lever (LR), Mariposa Lever (MA), Montrose Lever (MT), Teton Lever (TT), Yuma Lever (YM), Astoria Clear Knob (AS), Bristol Knob (BL), Diamond Crystal Knob (CK), Georgetown Knob (GT), Hampton Knob (HT), Lowell Crystal Knob (LW), Modern Disk Crystal Knob, Modern Square Crystal Knob (MSC), Old Town Clear Knob (OT), Providence Crystal Knob (PC), Windsor Crystal Knob (WS)


LH (left hand), RH (right hand)


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