Richelieu Recessed Magnetic Handle with Knob


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Richelieu Recessed Magnetic Handle with Knob

Handgrip is machined on both the inside and the outside to provide greater inner curvature and better grip for the fingers. Assembly is particularly easy and adaptable since the internal part consists of a plastic cylinder which can be easily cut to tailor it to the exact thickness of the door or shutter. Secure grip due to the internal curvature. The mounting system for the magnetic handle is really innovative. It can be easily adapted to thickness within a range of 30 mm to 65 mm, and the grooved inner section can be cut and adapted to the door in which it is to be used. Magnetic handles are composed of different parts that interact with one another and therefore cause greater wear and tear. To maintain the quality of finishes over time, they are applied to handles in the magnetic line by means of a special coating process that makes them extremely resistant both to scratches and UV exposure.
The magnets used in our flush handles are neodymium magnets with high coercive force, top quality magnets which, unlike others obtained using magnetised iron, never lose their physical properties.

Richelieu Recessed Magnetic Handle with Knob

Weight 0.453592 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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