Richelieu Bluething² Door Shipper and Temporary Latch


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Richelieu Bluething² Door Shipper and Temporary Latch

Beats other door shippers fair and square!

Conventional door shippers let you down when it comes to installing doors with correct margins — and without damage. BlueThing² is different. A patented, revolutionary design makes this the first and only door product to keep doors true through installation and safely functional until the final hardware goes up. Can be easily transformed into a temporary door latch simply by unscrewing the shipping bolt once the door is installed. Protects against wind-blown door damage and leaves the entire door’s surface unobstructed for smoother, more professional painting results. Simple, one-finger operation allows easy opening and closing from either side. When it’s time to remove BlueThing² completely, no permanent marks are left behind.

Fast, professional installations. Fewer call-backs and complaints. Higher customer satisfaction. With BlueThing², everyone is happy. Protect your doors and your reputation for quality the smart way with BlueThing².


Richelieu Bluething² Door Shipper and Temporary Latch

Weight 0.453592 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm