Von Duprin QEL9847EO Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device, Quiet Electric Latch (VOND-QEL9847EO6264FT)



SERIES: 98 – Smooth Case
DEVICE TYPE: Concealed Vertical Rod
TRIM FUNCTION: No Trim – Exit Only
(Non Fire Rated)

Grade 1 Concealed Vertical Rod Device, Exit Only, For Metal Doors, Field Reversible

Quiet electric latch retraction (QEL)
Quiet electric latch retraction (QEL) provides electronic control of an exit device for environments
where limited operational noise is desired. These devices always provide mechanical egress. The
electrified latch retraction can also be activated by an access system or building automation system to unlatch the exit device momentarily. Often the QEL is used with a credential reader and access control system to unlock the door momentarily for authorized users.

The QEL can also be configured to electronically retract the latch for an extended period of time to allow free entry.
This is a convenient alternative to mechanical dogging.

The QEL option is available on panic devices and fire rated devices. UL approved for Class II circuit applications.

The QEL option does not include the power transfer from door to frame, the power supply, or the control operator.
Refer to EPT-2 power transfer and the PS902 or 914 power supply.

The PS902/914 with the 2RS, 4RL or 4R board is the minimum required. Other option boards available for other functions,
see PS902/914 power supply for additional information.

The QEL has a low in rush current, so it can be used with standard Schlage power supplies. Calculate the peak current draw of all devices in the system to determine the required amperage of the supply.

The -2RS option board is designed to control two electric latch retraction devices and provide time delay between the firing of outputs is required. The power transfer is also sold separately.

QEL Electrical load
Voltage – 24VDC
Current – 1.0 A Inrush (0.5 sec.) / 0.14 A Holding


Device functions: EO – Exit Only

Device lengths: 3′ 2’4′ to 3′ (711mm to 914mm) Door size – 4′ 2’10” to 4′ (864mm to 1219mm) Door size

Device centerline from finished floor: 39 5⁄8″ (1006 mm) Standard
Adjustable from 35 5⁄8″ (905mm) to 49 5⁄8″ (1260mm)

Center case: 8″ x 2 3⁄4″ x2 3⁄8″ (203mm x 70mm x 60mm)

Mechanism case: 2 1⁄4″ x 2 1⁄4″ (57mm x 57mm)

Projection: Pushbar neutral – 3 13/16″ (97mm) Pushbar depressed – 3 1/16″ (78mm)

Latch bolt: Deadlocking top and bottom bolt, 5⁄8″ (16mm) throw

Door undercut: 1⁄4″ (7mm) recommended

Top and bottom latch case: 4 1⁄2″ x 2 1⁄8″ x 1 1⁄2″ (114mm x 54mm x 38mm)

Vertical rods: Round 2-piece adjustable rods – Top rod adjustable from 6’8″ (2027mm) to 8’4″(2533mm). Bottom rod adjustable
35 5⁄8″ (905mm) to 49 5⁄8″ (1260mm). Extension rod kits available for doors over 8’4″ (2533mm).

Feature: Features smooth mechanism case

Finishes: 605 – Brights Brass, 606 – Satin Brass, 612 – Satin Bronze, 625 – Bright Chrome, 626/626AM – Satin Chrome,
628 – Satin Aluminum Clear Anodized, 710 – Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum,711 – Black Anodized Aluminum
and 643E – 643E – Aged Bronze (619 and 630 available with 98 Series only)

Fasteners and six bolts: Includes screw pack for 1 3⁄4″ (44mm) to 2 1⁄4″ (57mm) thick metal doors.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 48 × 20 × 16 cm