Von Duprin CX98EO US26D 3′ Chexit Exit Device



Von Duprin CX98EO US26D 3′ Chexit Exit Device is a nonhanded, exit only, 36in, exit device for all single and double doors with mullion. UL listed for panic exit hardware and has a smooth mechanism case. Available in bright chrome.


The Von Duprin Chexit device is designed for controlled egress applications. It meets both life safety and security needs, as well as the requirements of NFPA 101 for “Special Locking Arrangement” and IBC “Special Egress-Control Devices”. All control inputs, auxiliary locking, local alarm and remote signaling outputs are self-contained in the Chexit assembly. Numerous configurable options allow the device to be customized for the specific code or application requirements. The standard Chexit device sounds an alarm and keeps the door secured for 15 seconds following an exit attempt with
immediate release upon fire.
The Chexit device includes a 6″ x 20″ decal for application on door. “PUSH UNTIL ALARM SOUNDS.
Chexit typical applications Chexit single door with options – The Chexit is used as an access control device. The card reader allows access. Also shown in this application is an external horn and door position switch. The auxiliary horn is used for increased volume in remote locations. Using a door position switch gives added security to the opening in case the door is not reclosed.
With the Chexit disarmed, the opening functions as a normal exit device. If card readers are required on both sides of the door, the normally closed contacts of the readers should be wired in series.

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 9 cm