The 98/99 Series devices are wide stile heavy-duty push pads. The 98/99 Series have all been certified to the highest industry standards and are commonly used in higher education, K-12 schools, hospitals, hospitality, and government buildings among others.

Architectural design elements differ between the 98 and the 99. The 98 Series device has a smooth mechanism case, while the 99 Series has a grooved mechanism case.


Features & Benefits

  • Modular design allows ability to upgrade device to keep up with changing technology and meet a facility’s changing needs
  • Designed for high use and abuse in institutional applications like schools, hospitals and government facilities
  • A variety of field-configurable options and retrofit kits available


  • ANSI/BHMA A156.3 2014 Grade 1 certified
  • ANSI/UL 10C (fire-rated only)
  • ANSI/UL 305
  • CAN/ULC-S104 (fire-rated only)
  • CAN/ULC-S132

Device Type

The 98/99 Series offers a solution for most single, double and double egress door applications.  Below are the available device types:

  • Rim, no suffix
  • 27: surface-mounted vertical rod (SVR)
  • 47: concealed vertical rod (CVR)
  • 47WDC: wood door concealed (WDC)vertical rod
  • 48: concealed vertical rod (CVR) (bottom latch has longer throw)
  • 49: concealed vertical cable (CVC)
  • 50WDC: wood door concealed (WDC)vertical cable
  • 52: 1-point concealed vertical cable (pool exit hardware)
  • 57: 3-point latching
  • 75: mortise lock devices

Devices can be ordered fire-rated by adding  “-F” to the suffix.

Exit Trim Models

The 98/99 Series is available less control (LC), less trim (LT) and several versions of the exit trim models listed below:

  • 110
  • 374
  • 376
  • 392-7
  • 696
  • 697
  • VR910
  • 990
  • 996


  • Exit Only (EO)
  • Dummy trim (DT)
  • Knob (K)
  • Knob, blank escutcheon (KBE)
  • Knob, dummy trim (KDT)
  • Knob night latch, key retracts (KNL)
  • Lever (L)
  • Lever, blank escutcheon (LBE)
  • Lever, dummy trim (LDT)
  • Lever-key capture (LKC)
  • Lever, night latch, key retracts (LNL)
  • Night latch, key retracts (NL)
  • Night latch, optional pull (NLOP)
  • Turn lever (TL)
  • Turn lever, blank escutcheon (TLBE)
  • Turn lever, optional pull (TLOP)
  • Thumbpiece (TP)
  • Thumbpiece, blank escutcheon (TPBE)

Device Finishes

  • 605: Bright Brass
  • 606: Satin Brass
  • 611: Bright Bronze*
  • 612: Satin Bronze
  • 613: Satin Bronze, Oil-Rubbed
  • 619: Satin Nickel
  • 625: Polished Chrome
  • 626: Satin Chrome
  • 626-AM: Satin Chrome, Antimicrobial*
  • 628: Anodized aluminum
  • 630: Satin Stainless Steel
  • 630-AM: Satin Stainless Steel, Antimicrobial*
  • 643E: Aged Bronze
  • 710: Duranodic Dark Bronze
  • 711: Black

*Finish is available as a special option.

Options & Accessories

The 98/99 Series can be customized with several mechanical, electronic and finish options to meet any facility needs. A few common options are below:

Mechanical Options

  • CD: Cylinder dogging (panic only)
  • CI: Cylinder dogging indicator
  • DI: Dogging indicator
  • HD: Hex dogging
  • LD: Less dogging
  • SD: Special dogging
  • -2/-2SI: Double cylinder (-2) or double cylinder with security indicator (-2SI), allows users to lock the outside trim from inside the room, while still allowing free egress.
  • CDSI: Cylinder dogging security dogging indicators provides at-a-glance verification of the panic device status
  • HDSI: Hex key dogging security indicator provides at-a-glance verification of the panic device status
  • PN: Pneumatic latch retraction, for areas where electrical devices banned
  • QM: Quiet mechanical options, provides damper-controlled relatching of device
  • WH: Weep holes, drainage (weep) holes in mechanism case
  • HH: Wind and impact- Hurricane rated
  • HW: Wind only – Hurricane rated
  • AX: an accessible device that is certified to meet the 5 lb. force requirements for the 2010 American Disabilities Act (ADA) (Chapters 404.2.7 and 30934) and 2013 California Building Code (Chapter 11B-309.4)
  • PL: Pullman latch, latches are always extended

Touch bar trim

  • RSS: Red silk screen
  • PUSH: Touchbar trim embossed PUSH
  • SG: Safety glow, Self-illuminating touchpad glows brightly during low or no light conditions
  • KN: Knurled touchbar, tactile warning applied to device
  • BRAILLE: Braille for visually impaired

Electromechanical options

Switches an be used as part of an access control system or in a standalone application.

  • LX:  Latchbolt monitoring signals use of an opening
  • RX: Request to exit
  • SS: Signal switch monitors pushpad and latchbolt
  • EL: Electric latch retraction enables remote unlatching
  • QEL: Quiet electric latch retraction,  electronic latch retraction with limited operational noise
  • ESL: Emergency secure lockdown, allows local lockdown where access control is present on large classrooms.
  • CX: Chexit delayed egress, meets NFPA and IBC requirements for delayed egress; a standard device keeps doors secure for 15 seconds after a request to exit while a nuisance alarm sounds
  • ALK: Alarm kit, unauthorized opening triggers horn
  • CON:  Allegion Connect, Common connectors to connect various door hardware all the way to the power supply
  • E996: Electric locking and unlocking trim, remains latched while unlocked
  • E7500: Electric mortise lock device
  • XP: patented 2-O 23 piece latchbolt design, available for 98/99 Series panic and fire applications
Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 9 cm