Pemko Full Surface Hinge FS CP


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84″ Standard Duty Anodized Aluminum Center Pivot Continuous Geared
– designed mainly for retrofit work and are applied to the exposed surfaces of the door and frame. Also available in heavy duty models.

Pemko Full Surface Hinge FS CP

Pemko Full Surface Hinge FS CP

    • Easily replace butt hinges since no door or frame adjustments are necessary and are more versatile with restricted frame faces.
    • Fasteners – Frame Portion – Fasteners are No. 12-24 x 7/16″ #10 Head Pan Head Type C thread forming, no tapping required.
    • Standard model: 12 fasteners required for each leaf.
    • Wood screws available on request (specify on order).
    • Fasteners – Door Portion – a. Thru-bolt – 1/4-20 x 1-5/8″. – Standard Duty Hinges – 4 required. – b. Shoulder Bolt – 1/4-20 x 1″ PCH. – Standard Duty Hinges – 4 required. – c. Pan Head Self Drilling #12 x 3/4″. – Standard Duty Hinges – 6 required.
    • Standard duty hinges conform to Grade 3-150 and Grade 3-300 cycle requirements per BHMA standard ANSI/BHMA A156.26-2006.
    • Tested and certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (USA and Canada) to standard UL10B, UL10C and UBC 7.2 (positive pressure) for up to a 3-Hour (A-Label) fire listing for all 4 ft. 0 in. x 10 ft. 0 in. and 8 ft. 0 in. x 10 ft. 0 in. door and frame assemblies. Pemko Full Surface Hinge FS CP Fire listing certifications apply to all approved hollow metal and wood door assemblies in drywall or masonry construction.
    • Aluminum continuous hinge for use on swinging type fire doors of the hollow metal, tin-clad, sheet metal and steel covered composite type rated up to 3 hours, wood covered composite type rated up to and including 1-1/2 hours. Also wood core rated up to and including 20 minutes without hose stream.
    • All hinges meet criteria of UBC 7.2 for positive pressure.
    • Special FirePins are only required on 3-Hour (A-Label) assemblies.
    • Certain door and frame conditions may require an extra 1/32″-1/16″ clearance. Excessive clearance on fire rated assemblies may violate the requirements for NFPA 80.

PemkoHinge® Pemko Full Surface Hinge FS CP

products are guaranteed for the life of the opening against defects in material or workmanship with the exception of AL, RS, standard duty and Grade 3 hinges, which carry a 10 year warranty.

  • Width: 1-3/16” (30.2 mm) (frame side – leaf).
  • Width: 2” (50.8 mm) (door side – leaf).
  • Width: 3-3/16” (80.9 mm) (total width of hinge).
  • Cap Width: 25/32” (19.8 mm).
  • Height: 3/4” (19.1 mm) (total height of hinge).


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