Emtek Arts & Crafts Tubular Entry Set


Emtek LogoEmtek Arts & Crafts Tubular Entry Set

Sold as complete set. Includes Latch and Strike Plate

– Interconnect Device available for additional charge

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Emtek Arts & Crafts Tubular Entry Set

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 56 × 23 × 15 cm
Exterior Colour

Un-lacquered Brass (US3NL), US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze, US19 Flat Black, SN Satin Nickle

Interior Colour

Un-lacquered Brass (US3NL), US10B Oil Rubbed Bronze, US19 Flat Black, SN Satin Nickle

Interior Handle Options

Square Knob – Brass (SQU), Hammered Egg Knob (HE), Laurent Knob (LAU), Verve Knob (VR), Modern Disc Glass (MDC), Orb Knob (OR), Freestone Knob (FRK), Bern Knob (BN), Modern Square Glass (MSC), Hampton Glass (HT), Round Knob – Brass (ROU), Bristol Glass (BL), Windsor Glass (WS), Octagon Knob – Brass (OCT), Hercules Lever (HEC), Argos Lever (AG), Geneva Lever (GV), Aston Lever (AST), Helios Lever (HLO), Athena Lever (ATN), Breslin Lever (BRL), Triton Lever (TRT), Myles Lever (MYL), Spencer Lever (SPN), Dumont Lever (DT), Mercury Lever (MC), Hermes Lever (HER), Freestone Lever (FRL), Basel Lever (BA), Poseidon Lever (POS), Sion Lever (SIO), Luzern Lever (LU), Stuttgart Lever (STU), Ace Knob (ACE), Ace Knurled Knob (ACEKN), Spoke Knob (SPK), L-Square Faceted (LS.FA), L-Square Hammered (LS.HA), L-Square Knurled (LS.KN), L-Square Smooth (LS.SM), L-Square Straight Knurled (LS.SK), L-Square Tribeca (LS.TR), L-Square Marble (LS.MRWH), T-Bar Faceted (TA.FA), T-Bar Hammered (TA.HA), T-Bar Knurled (TA.KN), T-Bar Smooth (TA.SM), T-Bar Straight Knurled (TA.SK), T-Bar Tribeca (TA.TR), T-Bar Marble (TA.MRWH), R-Bar Faceted (RA.FA), R-Bar Hammered (RA.HA), R-Bar Knurled (RA.KN), R-Bar Smooth (RA.SM), R-Bar Straight Knurled (RA.SK), R-Bar Tribeca (RA.TR), R-Bar Marble (RA.MRWH), Conical Knurled (CC.KNK), Conical Straight Knurled (CC.SKK), Conical White Marble (CC.MRKWH), Cortina Lever (C), Manning Lever (MNG), Merrimack Lever (ME), Milano Lever (M), Turino Lever (T), Coventry Lever (CV), Elan Lever (EN), Ribbon & Reed Lever ((RBL), Rope Lever (RL), Rustic Lever (R), Santa Fe Lever (SF), Wembley Lever (WM), Egg Knob (E), Melon Knob (MN), Norwich Knob (NW), Providence Knob (P), Waverly Knob (W), Beaded Egg Knob (BE), Belmont Knob (BT), Lancaster Knob (LN), Ribbon & Reed Knob (RBK), Rope Knob (RK), Victoria Knob (V), Arts & Craft Lever (AC), Hammered Lever (HM), Hammered Egg Kno (HE)


Active, Dummy

Cylinder Type

Single Cylinder, Double Cylinder, Dummy

Door Thickness

1 3/4" (Standard), 2 1/4" to 3" ( Thick Door )


RH "Right Hand", LH "Left Hand", Knob, Dummy

Interconnect Device

Yes Please, No Thank You