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Doors are everywhere! They are the channel that connects the outside world to your house, office or even the coffee shop you like going to in the morning. People often take for granted how important doors are, but not having one or having one unfunctional can represent a nuisance in the long run. Knobs and door levels are one of the most important parts of each door. Everyone going to your property or office uses them, so you need to make sure they are functional and the most appealing they can be. Believe it or not, door levers can drastically change the aesthetic of your property. 

Hence, you need to invest in the best knobs and door levers you can find on the market. However, people can only access knobs of that quality if they buy them from the best company available for them. We offer you doors levers and knobs that are durable, resistant, and aesthetically appealing regardless of the door you want them for. Contact us any time you need to get new door levers or knobs for your property or replace the ones you already have! 

What Makes a Door Lever | Door Knobs  Good for You?

Door knobs and levers, in a nutshell, are not that complex to understand. You need to pull them to trigger the door’s opening system and get out or in the room. Nonetheless, there are different types of doorknobs on the market, and each one of them offers you different features. As for what makes a door lever good for you, you need to study what you want the doorknob for. If the product the store is offering you meets the needs you want to address with it, then it’s already a worth considering option for you.

Is it good enough for you? You must always ask yourself that question. Pay attention to the design and color of the door lever and see if it fits the aesthetic you want to go for in your property. If you already like the design, check its materials to see if they are durable enough for your door.  Affordability is the next thing to consider when buying a door lever or doorknob. Naturally, some materials can make the products you want to get more or less expensive, but you can’t let that deceive you and buy an outrageously expensive door lever. 


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Types of Door knobs 

As we mentioned before, there are different types of doorknobs available for you. Each one of them aims to address a different issue, so you need to carefully pick the one that works best for you. 

Interior Knobs 

Interior knobs are the door levers and knobs you use indoors of a residential or commercial property. That includes bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, and even closets. There are also different interior door subtypes. They are: 

Privacy Knobs 

Privacy knobs are for rooms you don’t want people entering without you noticing. They have an internal lock system that doesn’t require a key. 

However, these doors are only used indoors, so never use them for outdoor doors. They are not effective against home invaders or something of the matter, so you may need to invest in next-level security systems if you want to keep your property safe from those issues. 

Dummy Knobs 

Unlike what happens with privacy knobs, people use dummy knobs for doors they don’t want to stay closed at all times. People don’t need to turn dummy knobs to open them, so they often use them as a complement to doors rather than something useful. 

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There are other things you can take into account when getting a doorknob, and of them is how easy it is to install it. Door levers are not often difficult to install, but everything depends on the type of knob or lever you choose. 

Security is also something crucial regardless of whether you have indoor or outdoor knobs. You need your door levers to be safe enough for people to not pick their locks or anything of the sort while you are not there. That also ensures your privacy and the well-being of the people living with you. 

Although many people don’t know it, there are several door knob brands, and they all offer you different benefits from the other. It’s essential to choose the one that best fits what you want for your property, so make sure to study all brands and see which one you like best.

Some of the most popular door knob brands are:

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